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The IT partner specialized in helping law firms nationwide overcome their tech problems…

…& proactively preventing them in the first place

Tackle tech issues quickly with 24/7 IT support

no matter the time or day of the week they pop up.

Prevent IT catastrophes with our proactive tech advising for a streamlined, more productive office

with less tech headaches overall.

Protect your clients with a data security plan so your firm can recover

whether you’ve been hacked or a tech disaster strikes.

Re-gain billable attorney time lost to slow tech systems by identifying and updating gaps

in your tech that are harming efficiency.

Work with IT experts who specialize in law firm tech and know what’s at stake

(from tight filing deadlines to lost billable hours).

Free up time to focus on what you’re good at

and never have to think about your tech again.

Tackle tech issues quickly with 24/7 IT support

no matter the time or day of the week they pop up.

FeatherShark: your firm’s in-house, out-of-house IT partner

Too many hours lost each week dealing with IT issues or slow tech systems?

Worried over your client data security and breaches?

Just need someone to come in and take over for your law firm’s IT?

Then FeatherShark & its managed IT services can help.

As a managed IT services support team who can fix tech issues when they strike (via our around-the-clock, 24/7 support) and as an IT services partner who can proactively look for and guide you through gaps in your tech that are harming your firm’s productivity, efficiency & client security

Tackle tech issues quickly with 24/7 support

No more moments of panic as you desperately try to find time in your schedule to deal with an IT issue. Whether you’re burning the midnight oil, working a Saturday, or sitting in the office on a normal day, we’re available to fix your IT issues 24/7 by phone, email, or live chat.

Prevent IT catastrophes & gain back lost billable attorney time with our proactive tech advising

Instead of waiting for IT problems to pop up, we proactively look for gaps in your tech that are harming efficiency and causing issues and take care of them – giving you a more streamlined, productive office and gaining back lost billable attorney time.

Protect your clients with a data safety & security action plan

What will you do if your data is lost, you’ve been hacked, or you have an extended outage to deal with? Together, we’ll put together a long-term plan and install security measures that prevent breaches, verify that your data is compliant with HIPAA and FINRA security standards, and guarantee you can quickly recover data if a tech disaster strikes.

Work with IT experts who specialize in law firm tech & know what’s at stake

We specialize in IT services for law firms so we know the impact downtime has on your billable hours, how seriously you take your client data security, and that “need tech help ASAP” means ASAP when a deadline is on the line. With this insider knowledge, we can effectively handle your law firm’s tech issues in a way that few managed IT services providers can match.

Know exactly how much you’ll pay each month (and rest easy with our 90-day trial period)

Predictable, fixed monthly costs with no hidden clauses, surprise “outside of contract” project costs, or outrageous new tech fees…plus 90 days to “try” us out. And if you still don’t think FeatherShark is the right fit for your firm after the 90-day trial? Just tell us and we’ll let you out of the contract sans pesky “early termination” fees.

Free up time to focus on what you’re good at...and never have to think about your tech again

Between our in-the-background monitoring of your systems, regular tech updates, management of all your various tech vendors, joint quarterly reviews, 24/7 support, proactive tech guidance, data security planning & more, we take care of all things IT so you can focus on the parts of your business you’re good at without worrying about your tech.

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The managed IT firm trusted by forward-thinking law firms nationwide

Before FeatherShark, as the office administrator at a law firm, I often got pulled into the IT issues. It wasn’t even my job, but I knew a bit and I could help my colleagues. But it was nonstop. I couldn’t work on my real job because I kept getting pulled into IT stuff.

So when FeatherShark took over all of our IT, they released a lot of the IT workload that I had on my shoulders so I could do my job better. Not to mention, our cost savings of switching to FeatherShark have been significant!”

Michelle Joiner

Office Administrator, Nichols Lang & Hamlin

Ultimately, Feathershark has given us complete peace of mind on the tech side of things. They handle everything and I don’t even have to think about my firm’s technology ever. And then if something comes up, I can call them and I know they’ll take care of it.

Thanks to Feathershark, I’d say we’re better technology-suited than a lot of other competitors our size because of the tech systems they’ve set up for us!”

Talmage Newton

Attorney, Newton Barth Attorneys at Law

In the past, if something went wrong with our firm’s tech, I had to diagnose it myself and find time in my schedule to fix it ASAP. Because as an attorney, if our internet or tech doesn’t work, we don’t make money. We can’t run as a firm.

But now, if the internet is slow or we have any other IT issue, I literally send one email to our FeatherShark rep and we usually have a response or a potential solution within 30 minutes.

Gregory Klote

Attorney, Halvorsen Klote Law

“Since working with FeatherShark, we’ve probably gained 5 hours of billable attorney time (at $250/hr) a week by having them take care of our IT!

Through their tech guidance, they’ve helped us be more efficient and freed up time for us to focus on what we’re good at, not just worry about tech problems.”

Jenny Briner

Attorney, Briner Law Group

Picture this: your law firm running at peak efficiency – minus irritating tech slowdowns, worries over client security, and loss of billable attorney time

Our Freedom Factory Legal Pro IT services packages can get you there.

24/7 IT services and support, proactive tech advising, a complete audit of your current tech systems, client data security & safety planning, transitioning into Cloud systems, and more.

Combined with our leaner, lighter, simpler tech philosophy, our managed IT services help you simplify your law firm’s tech environment – meaning you can spend less on bulky, expensive equipment, minimize your tech headaches overall, and maximize your tech to nab a boost in your firm’s efficiency & security.

Freedom Factory LEGAL PRO


Legal Pro Plus is best for law firms who already have their tech systems under control and simply want some extra M-F, 8-5 IT support

Freedom Factory LEGAL PRO


Legal Pro Premium is best for law firms who are interested in upgrading and optimizing their tech systems overall, as well as the availability of 24/7 IT support

Freedom Factory LEGAL PRO


Legal Pro Platinum is best for law firms who want help building their tech systems and IT infrastructure from the ground up – including all hardware and tech equipment

Learn more about our Freedom Factory IT services packages & tech services

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