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Internet so slow you can’t even open your inbox.

Sitting down at your desk to find your server (or your wifi!) is offline…for the 3rd time this week.

Waking up to an email from a colleague saying their hard drive – which happened to be full of critical client data – just failed.

Like most law firms, you probably have a love/hate relationship with your technology.

On one hand, you love it when it works well, doesn’t cause any unpleasant surprises, and helps you get your firm running at peak efficiency (without you even having to think about it!).

But on the other hand? Well, we all know what tech disasters at a law firm can look like (the scenarios above are just the tip of the iceberg).

And yet after with more than 150 clients over the course of a decade, we’ve found the law industry seems to suffer from a constant barrage of tech struggles more than most because of 3 big problems…

The Problems with Law Firm Tech

#1) Most law firms operate on old, out-of-date servers and systems.

Traditional law firm tech is expensive, slow, unreliable, and needs continuous maintenance. In other words, many law firms spend their entire budget (meaning they neglect other critical aspects of their tech like client security and office efficiency) on just keeping their massive IT beast – including old servers & software – up and running!

#2) Most law firms only deal with tech issues as they arise.

All law firms have to deal with IT disasters when they strike, but few firms take the proactive steps to prevent them from happening in the first place.

#3) Most IT help law firms find don’t specialize in legal tech nor understand that nothing gets in the way of the legal work.

Law firm technology is complicated and has very specific needs. That’s why IT providers who don’t specialize in law firms often don’t understand the stakes – like the massive impact downtime has on billable hours, how seriously lawyers take their client data security, and that “need tech help ASAP” means ASAP when a case deadline on the line. In other words, these IT providers don’t know how to truly help law firms run at their best.

The Solution

Find a partner who “gets” law firms and can help identify gaps in tech systems that are currently harming productivity, efficiency, and client security…then modernize and optimize those systems to “fill in” the gaps and keep the tech (and thus their firm!) running smoother as a whole.

And that’s why we created FeatherShark – as a legal technology specialist and cloud-based IT service who helps law firms turn their backs on bulky, expensive, out-of-date tech to become powered by leaner, lighter, simpler tech.

The FeatherShark Philosophy:
Law Firms Powered by
Leaner, Lighter, Simpler Tech

The best way to counter tech problems at your firm?
Make your tech leaner, lighter & simpler.

These are the 3 principles that form the backbone of our signature
Freedom Factory IT packages, as well as guides just about
everything we do tech-wise here at FeatherShark.

Learn a bit more about these 3 principles
and how they can help your firm’s tech below.


Minimize your complex tech infrastructure so it’s just the right size (and budget) for your firm.


Move to cloud-based IT service options to shrink your physical hardware, be able to access your office’s data from anywhere on the planet & ensure you can recover your systems quickly if disaster strikes.


Simplify your tech so you have less to break, less to insure, less to maintain & less to secure.

Who is FeatherShark?

FeatherShark is an outsourced, cloud based IT support and tech advising company specialized in law firms founded by Rob Cima.

One of 8 companies Rob has founded, Rob launched FeatherShark in 2010 to help small and medium businesses gain greater freedom – freedom from expensive outages or downtime, productivity-killing servers that won’t respond, failed full-of-really-important-client-data hard drives that can’t be recovered, and more – by moving their IT to the cloud through our signature Freedom Factory Legal Pro tech packages.

After working with more than 150 clients over the past decade, FeatherShark shifted to legal IT exclusively after finding that law firms were more likely to fall into the traps above, and that getting their tech right was absolutely critical to running their firm efficiently and effectively.

Meet Our Clients

“In the past, if something went wrong with our firm’s tech, I had to diagnose it myself and find time in my schedule to fix it ASAP. Because as an attorney, if our internet or tech doesn’t work, we don’t make money. We can’t run as a firm.

But now, if the internet is slow or we have any other IT issue, I literally send one email to our FeatherShark rep and we usually have a response or a potential solution within 30 minutes.”

Gregory Klote

Attorney, Halvorsen Klote Law

“Since working with FeatherShark, we’ve probably gained 5 hours of billable attorney time (at $250/hr) a week by having them take care of our IT!

Through their tech guidance, they’ve helped us be more efficient and freed up time for us to focus on what we’re good at, not just worry about tech problems.”

Jenny Briner

Attorney, Briner Law Group

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