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Partnered with the top names in tech to manage your law firm’s IT

As specialists in law firm tech, we know the typical IT challenges law firms run into ‒ from making sure their client data is 110% secure to finding tech systems that improve, not hinder, productivity and billable hours.

With these challenges in mind, we’ve partnered with some of the top tech companies to bring you the most effective IT solutions out there and help us be one of the best IT managed services companies for law firms.

All the partner solutions listed on this page are available in our Freedom Factory Legal Pro Premium or higher packages (see more about our Freedom Factory packages here).

Learn more about each of our partner solutions and how they can help your firm below.

Wondering why so many of our partner solutions are cloud-based solutions?
Read our Why Cloud Technology for Law Firms page for more info.

Email, Calendar & Team Collaboration

You need to:


Communicate with clients and co-workers through a tool that’s easy and reliable

Keep track of upcoming meetings and matter deadlines

Be able to able to work from anywhere (whether at the office, in the courtroom, or at home) on any device (whether on a computer, cell phone, or tablet)

Save and organize contacts

Ensure your email is secure and your office is protected from phishing and other security concerns

Our partner solutions that can help:

Email, calendar, chat, web meetings & more – all accessible no matter where you are with a single, online login

Web based and run within the cloud so there’s never anything to install or upgrade

The same Outlook and Office applications you know, just in the cloud and accessible from anywhere

Email, calendar, chat, documents, spreadsheets, presentations & more

Secure File Storage and Sharing

You need to:

Get rid of your bulky, unreliable on-premise file servers once and for all

Increase office productivity with fast file access from anywhere on any device

Ensure that your sensitive firm data is always 100% secure with file encryption, breach protection, and by being compliant with the latest industry data security regulations

Manage legal requirements for document retention

Breeze through client security audits and protect your client relationships

Our partner solutions that can help:

Secure file sync, share & storage in the cloud – complete with encryption and automatic detection and securing of sensitive content

Safer than Dropbox with strong permissions control that give you full power over who can see each file

Safer than Dropbox with strong permissions control that give you full power over who can see each file

Same centralized folder structure of your file server so there’s no need to retrain your team

Web, mobile, and tablet access

Document, Case & Matter Management

You need to:

Minimize paper and manual handling of documents (in other words, stop wasting you & your staff’s time searching for docs)

Securely access documents right away whenever and wherever you need them

Be able to quickly and easily search for and find, track, organize, and archive documents of all types

Be compliant with industry security regulations

Associate documents, files, and emails with the right clients, matters, and cases

Practice Management, Billing and Time Tracking

You need to:

Get rid of old-fashioned, inefficient desktop software, separate accounting systems, or manual tracking on spreadsheets

Be able to track these things whether you’re in the office or on the go


Track your time, clients, matters, cases, hard expenses, and soft expenses so things don’t slip through the cracks

Have systems that “talk to each other” so you aren’t jumping from one program to the next and duplicating work to get everything done

Bill your clients both through paper and e-billing

Our partner solutions that can help:

Web-enabled practice management tool designed specifically for law firms

Used by thousands of law firms and endorsed by over 20 state bar associations

Practice management with everything you need – fully-compliant law office accounting, trust accounting, back office bookkeeping, billing, document assembly, client communications, credit card processing & more

Includes practice-wide safety net with client conflict control, automatic error protection on financials, multi-level user permissions, secure client/vendor communication portal & more

Web, mobile, and tablet access

Security Awareness Training

You need to:

Avoid having your firm fall victim to a phishing attack (which is how 91% of successful data breaches begin) by ensuring that everyone on your team knows how to keep client data safe


Have an easy way to keep your staff up-to-date on growing security threats

Stay data compliant with the latest security procedures

Our partner solutions that can help:

Simulated phishing tests to “phish” your users and see how they perform (plus follow-up training that prevents any issues from happening again)

Security awareness training that teaches your team how to keep your client data safe with topics like creating strong passwords, managing partner fraud, email spoofing, social engineering, ransomware & more

Stronger firm-wide security in just a few months

Backup & Disaster Recovery

You need to:

Stop relying on someone to “take the backup hard drive home”

Have the confidence and peace of mind of knowing your data is recoverable ASAP (not days and thousands of dollars in lost billable hours later) in case of disaster


Set up protections from each of the most common causes of data loss – hardware failure, human error, ransomware attacks, and natural disasters

Ensure you have the ability to get back to work quickly even in the worst of situations (like the complete loss of your office to fire)

Our partner solutions that can help:

A modern approach to data backup and disaster recovery which saves a complete, instantly-bootable image of your hardware rather than a file-by-file copy

“Infinite cloud” backup lets you keep your data stored for as long as you want with no extra fees

Total data protection that keeps your data safe no matter the tech disaster

Boot a complete recovery image in as little as 6 seconds

Want to get started with any of these
partner solutions?

All solutions above are available in our Freedom Factory Legal Pro Premium and Platinum plans alongside features like 24/7 IT support, proactive tech advising, a complete audit of your current tech systems, client data security & safety planning, transitioning into cloud systems, and more.

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