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What can I do to stop wasting hours of billable attorney time on tech issues & downtime?

Am I doing everything I can to prevent data breaches?

If my systems were to crash today, could I get them back online ASAP?

If you work at a law office, then these are just a few of the tech questions that have run through your head.

Yet, you have enough to manage without also becoming your firm’s go-to IT person.

But between panic-inducing moments when your firm is up against a filing deadline and a computer stops working, worries over data security, and a handful of other little tech issues that crop up day-to-day in a law office…IT problems probably take far more time away from the work you should be doing than what you’d like to admit.

Unfortunately, this is a common reality for law firms for 2 major reasons.

Reason #1: Most law firms operate on old servers and systems.

Traditional law firm tech is expensive, slow, unreliable, and needs continuous maintenance. In other words, many law firms spend their entire budget on just keeping their massive IT beast – including old servers & software – up and running!

Reason #2: Most law firms only deal with tech problems as they arise.

All law firms have had to deal with a tech catastrophe or two as it happens, but few take steps to prevent IT disasters from happening in the first place.

Your solution: modernizing your firm’s tech in a way that not only makes it more efficient, but also helps keep your tech running smoother as a whole.

If you’d like to get started on your firm’s tech modernization process, then we invite you to join us for a free “Fast Track Your Law Firm’s Tech to the Future” strategy session.

During your free strategy session, we’ll:


Sort through your law firm’s biggest tech issues (and consider what you can do to solve them)


Find the gaps in your systems that are harming your firm’s productivity and efficiency


Explore ways to overcome your current IT challenges by modernizing your tech


Discuss your preparations for serious tech issues and data breaches

& more!

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When we first began our practice, my husband, one of the other attorneys in the office, basically became our go-to IT guy – and I’m not kidding when I say that sometimes he’d spend half his day dealing with some kind of tech issue! Considering attorneys only get paid when we’re working on people’s legal needs and billing for it, this wasn’t something we could sustain going forward… …

Luckily, things have changed since working with Feathershark. Best of all? My husband and I aren’t dealing with employee’s computer problems anymore. On average, we’re probably gaining 5 hours of billable attorney time a week by having someone else take care of it. At $250 per hour, this adds up pretty fast!

Overall, Feathershark has helped our firm be more efficient and freed up time for us all to focus on what we’re good at, not just worry about tech problems.”

– Jenny Briner
Attorney at Briner Law Group
Chesterfield, MO

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