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FeatherShark: your firm’s in-house, out-of-house managed IT support partner

Featuring 24/7 managed IT support and forward-thinking tech advising that helps your firm be more productive, keeps your client info safe, and boosts your billable attorney time each week

What can I do to stop losing hours of billable attorney time on IT issues, slow tech systems & downtime?

Am I doing everything I can to prevent data breaches?

If my systems were to crash today, could I get them back online ASAP?

Whether you’re an attorney sick of those panic-inducing moments when your computer just won’t work, or an overworked office manager who has enough on their plate without also becoming the unofficial go-to IT person for the office, then these are just a few of the tech questions that have run through your head.

And that’s where FeatherShark & its managed IT support can help – as an IT partner that specializes in helping law firms nationwide overcome their tech issues…and then proactively works to prevent them in the first place.

Read on to learn more about “Why FeatherShark” & see if we could be the right managed IT partner for your law firm’s technology systems.

8 Ways to Know FeatherShark is Right for Your Law Firm’s Managed IT Support

FeatherShark is the perfect fit for your law firm if…

#1) want to work with tech experts who actually “get” how law firms work.

Law firm technology is complicated and has very specific needs. That’s why IT support providers who don’t specialize in law firms often don’t understand the stakes – like the massive impact downtime has on your billable hours, how seriously you take your client data security, and that “need tech help ASAP” means ASAP when a filing deadline on the line.

We specialize in managed IT support for law firms and work with law firms nationwide, thus giving us the insider knowledge we need to handle your law firm’s tech issues in a way that few IT support providers can match.

#2) want the boost in office efficiency & billable attorney hours you can get from a modern, well-organized tech system.

All law firms have to deal with IT disasters when they strike, but few firms take the steps to prevent them from happening in the first place.  That’s why we don’t just wait for IT problems to pop up – instead, through our proactive tech advising (including full system audits, quarterly meetings & in-the-background tech monitoring), we actively search for gaps in your tech that are harming productivity and efficiency.

Then, we optimize & streamline your systems to not only make it easy to correct when issues crop up, but also to preemptively prevent IT disasters, keep your technology running smoothly as a whole, and re-gain billable attorney time & office efficiency you’ve been losing to slow tech systems.

#3) also don’t want to spend thousands of dollars (or dozens of hours) buying & maintaining complex, outdated tech equipment annually.

Traditional law firm tech is expensive, slow, unreliable, and needs a lot of maintenance. In other words, many firms spend their entire tech budgets just keeping their massive IT beast – including old servers & software – up and running! FeatherShark’s managed IT support offers a different approach by recommending solutions that keep your tech systems leaner, lighter  & simpler.

Put simply, we won’t make you spend money on higher-end items you don’t need. Instead, through our tech advising & system audits, we’ll help you select systems that are right-sized and not overpriced for your firm so it becomes powered by leaner, lighter, simpler tech. One of the most important ways we do this is by recommending our clients spend less money on old-fashioned, physical hardware and invest in Cloud options (see Why Cloud Tech for Law Firms for more info).

#4) need to ensure your client data is as safe & secure as possible from breaches, ransomware attacks, and system failures.

What would you do if your firm was hacked, you lost client data, or you had to deal with a long-term outage? In this day and age, being ready to respond to these issues needs to be a top priority for any law firm.

That’s why as part of all our services we help our clients create a “data safety & security action plan” and install security measures that prevent breaches & ransomware attacks, verify that your data is compliant with HIPAA and FINRAA security standards, and guarantee you can quickly (and safely) recover your data if your firm is hit by a tech disaster.

#5) need to know you can get tech help ASAP when an IT issue strikes (even if it’s a weekend or after hours).

Forget about those moments of panic when you need to handle a computer that’s suddenly decided not to work, an internet slowdown that’s arrived just before a client does, or just about any other tech problem out there.

Whether you’re burning the midnight oil, working a Saturday, or sitting at the office on a normal weekday, our around-the-clock, 24/7 support is available to help no matter the time nor tech issue you need taken care of.

#6)’d love to have some more time to focus on the parts of your job you’re good at without computer & tech issues getting in your way.

You probably didn’t go into law to spend your time dealing with computer and tech issues. But the truth is that you can’t run a successful law firm today without having your tech in order.

That’s why we’ve done everything we can to make FeatherShark a one-stop shop for all things law firm tech – featuring 24/7 IT support, proactive tech advising that prevents problems in the first place, in-the-background monitoring of your systems, new employee IT setups, data security & safety planning, technology recommendations & more. In other words, we take care of all things law firm IT so you can focus on the parts of your business you’re good at…without letting your tech issues slow you down.

#7) ...the last thing you want to do is waste time scrutinizing IT bills to figure out where those costs are coming from.

You’ve got enough to do without also having to figure out why this month’s IT bill is suddenly $2,000 more than you thought it would be.

With our predictable, fixed-monthly-cost billing, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay each month. This means no hidden clauses, surprise “outside of contract” project costs, or outrageous new tech fees.

#8)’d like to have a guarantee that you won’t be stuck in a long-term contract if we’re not a good fit for your firm.

Most IT support providers will make you sign a contract tying you into their services for the next 3+ years. Which means even if you decide within the first month (or even the first week) that they aren’t a good fit? You’re still stuck.

That’s why we have a 90-day “try us out” guarantee. So if you decide we aren’t the right IT support partner for your firm? Just let us know within the first 90 days and we’ll let you out of the contract – no questions asked and no “early termination” fees like the other guys.

To get started on your 90-day “try us out” period, begin by scheduling a complimentary “law firm tech” starter session with us here.

“Truly, if you’re having IT issues, just call FeatherShark. They come in, they take care of you, they’re going to save you money, they’re not going to tell you to buy all this expensive equipment.

They really are looking out for your best interests (and they’re very inexpensive!).”

Michelle Joiner

Office Administrator, Nichols Lang & Hamlin

“Ultimately, FeatherShark has given us complete peace of mind on the computer side of things and it feels great to have a tech partner we can trust. They handle everything and I don’t even have to think about my firm’s technology ever. And then if something comes up, I can call them and I know they’ll take care of it. They’re very responsive and I usually get help when I need it in minutes.”

Talmage Newton

Attorney, Newton Barth Attorneys at Law

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